Paving Division

The paving division has played a vital role in the success of Hoover, Inc. This paving division has completed thousands of building and paving projects of varying sizes. Our work on these projects, located from Kentucky to Florida, has built Hoover, Inc. a reputation among customers for accuracy, reliability, quality, and timeliness. Hoover, Inc. has three asphalt plants located within quarry sites in Tennessee, which are able to provide competitive prices on quality hot mix asphalt. Some projects with which the paving division of Hoover, Inc. has been associated are: Blue Ridge Parkway (Kentucky), Natchez Trace Parkway (Tennessee and Mississippi), 840 (Tennessee), I-24 (Tennessee),and I-40(Wilson Co. TN), in addition to many others.

Hoover, Inc. has the equipment and personnel required to successfully complete highway work at the Municipal, State, or Federal level. This division of Hoover, Inc. can provide construction services such as: grading, drainage, asphalt paving, base and surface construction, pavement marking, striping, miscellaneous and specialty items, residential, commercial, and industrial building, mechanical electrical contracting, and demolition, sewer, and water line installation.

Asphalt Plant Locations

1004- Murfreesboro Tennessee
2106 Twin Oak Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37133
Phone: (615) 896-2531


1005- Lebanon Tennessee
2147 Murfreesboro Road
Lebanon, TN 37088
Phone: (615) 443-3000


1006- Smyrna Tennessee
5441 Hickory Grove Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: (615) 459-6999



Commercial Paving

Commercial Paving is a recent addition to the Hoover, Inc. paving division, and is based on private and commercial workloads. Many types of private and commercial sector projects are within the scope of this group. Some examples of projects performed by this paving division group would be: warehouses, subdivisions, apartments, and restaurants.